When it comes to video game consoles, you either get the real deal or nothing at all, that is unless, one of these horrible knockoffs make their way into your collection by mistake. First up, we have the Super Megason, which appears to be a cross between the Super Famicom, Super NES, and the original NES. Continue reading to see the top twenty examples.

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1. PolyStation

2. PX-3600

3. Generation NEX

4. Game Joy Micro

5. NE Double Games

6. PCP Station

7. Wee

8. PXP-2000

9. Rambo TV Game

10. Mini PolyStation 3

11. POP Station

12. Reactor

13. Shock Pro Game Portable 2

14. Treamcast

15. WiNi Sports

16. Nintendo PolyStation

17. XBOX

18. Game Theory Admiral

19. Super Megason IV

20. Power Player Super Joy III

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