Altoids tins are great for many things, like building BBQ grills, computer mice, USB chargers, and lots more — the sky is the limit, literally. Continue reading to see three of the coolest Altoids tin hacks ever.

1. Altoids Tin BBQ

Have a spare Altoids tin laying around? Now you can use it to build a nifty portable BBQ, like this Instructables user. You’ll need: a coat hanger, Altoids tin, hacksaw, drill / dremel, a few twigs, vice / clamp, and a pencil. Then, cut the coat hanger into small rods, sand the ends, drill the tin, and you’re ready to fire her up — use twigs for fuel.

2. Minty Mouse

The Minty Mouse by drewish may not be the most ergonomic of input devices, but it’s definitely one of the most unique. To make your own “Minty Mouse”, you’ll need one Altoids tin, an optical mouse, dremel tools, epoxy glue, a mini-hack saw, and around 4 hours of free time.

3. MintyBoost XL

On the outside, roberthunt1987‘s MintyBoost XL looks like a regular Altoids tin, but flip it open, and you’ll find 4x Uniross 2500 mAh Ni-Mh batteries, which turns it into a fully-functional USB charger. Yes, it works great with the iPhone and just about any other USB-powered gadget.

Bonus Altoids Guitar Video

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