The Nintendo 3DS still won’t be released for another year or so, but that hasn’t stopped these modders from creating their own funny creations in the meantime. Continue reading to see them all.

1. NES System Inside NES Cartridge

Built by darkeru, this NES system inside an NES cartridge took isn’t just for looks, as it’s fully playable. It’s powered by an NES SOC (System On a Chip) and features a 2.5-inch LCD, along with built-in controls. Best of all, the system is battery-powered for NES gaming on-the-go.

2. NES Controller Entertainment System

What would an NES cartridge system be without an an NES controller system to accompany it? That’s exactly what this modder created. This hack is also powered by an NES SOC and has 70 built-in games. Plus, LED lights were also added so the Nintendo logo glows a smooth red in the dark.

3. NES Paul Guitar

You’ve most likely seen XOCMusic‘s world famous NES Paul at one time or another, but this list wouldn’t be complete without an NES console turned functional guitar mod. Here’s something you may not have known, he used his original console that was received when he was just 10-years-old.

Bonus NES Paul Guitar Video

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