Enjoying a beer or ten with friends is nothing out of the ordinary, but if your drinks were dispensed from a PC, that’s another story. Continue reading to see three of the funniest PC beer dispensers — image above via.

1. Beer Server G3

At the end of the day, Apple celebrates a victory by treating PC to a nice cold beer, courtesy of the Beer Server G3. Sure, it should be updated to at least an iMac, but what change what isn’t broken?

2. Sun Microsystems Beer Server

Though a bit dated, the Sun Microsystems Beer Server is great for parties, thanks to its dual dispensers and extra large capacity. Unfortunately, despite the extra large-sized case, it can’t double as a soda fountain.

3. PC Beer Dispenser

Beer kegs are yesterday’s news, the PC beer dispenser is not — while this prototype was built a few years ago, it’s still as functional as ever. Next up, a robotic PC beer dispenser, complete with arms and legs for mobility.