When a replica Iron Man suit just won’t cut it, there’s always these three amazing yet real examples. The image above, showing the XOS, is from PopSci. Continue reading to see them all — inspired by Dvice.

1. HAL-5

Dubbed the Hal-5, this exoskeleton suit was developed by researchers at Tsukuba University in Japan. Cyberdyne has already begun mass producing the suit and is leasing them to customers in Japan (only for now).

2. Project Grizzly

It may not be as fancy as Iron Man’s suit, but Troy Hurtubise’s Project Grizzly features a battery-powered helmet that enables a 5-way radio, integrated air conditioner, and even a laser pointer.

3. Sarcos XOS

According to Popular Science, the XOS exoskeleton suit by Sarcos gives the wearer the ability to lift up to 200-pounds, repeatedly. Unfortunately, DARPA specifications require that it be able to lift 400-pounds, repeatedly. An upgraded model should be released soon.