The Nintendo 3DS couldn’t be any more high-tech, but the company’s classic Game Boy console is still good for many things, like MP3 players, computers, and more. Continue reading to see 3 of the most creative mods ever.

1. iBoy

The iBoy is basically the coolest iPod case we’ve seen, though a bit bulky. Plus, it sports “an internal dock connector — buttons on the Gameboy were wired up to control the iPod.” Unfortunately, it hasn’t been upgraded for the iPod Touch…yet.

2. Game Boy Computer

When is a Game Boy not just a Game Boy? When it’s been gutted and turned into a fully-functional computer. That’s right, a modder stuffed a functional EPIA PX10000G computer inside the Game Boy, complete with an SD card slot, Ethernet, and USB ports.

3. Gulf War Game Boy

Not technically a mod, but rather war modded, this Game Boy has just about seen it all. It reportedly belonged to a soldier who used it in 1990-1991 during the Gulf War, and is currently being shown at NYC’s Nintendo World — images via Flickr.

Bonus Gulf War Game Boy Video