Aside from being used to surf the web, play games, spreadsheets, and whatever else you may need to do on your computer, keyboards accentuate the style of your workspace. Continue reading to see three of the most creative ever — above image via.

1. Scrabble

Keyboards don’t get much more creative than Datamancer’s Scrabble-inspired creation, which uses real game tiles as keys. According to its creator, the tiles were “built onto a USB, clicky, mechanical-switch keyboard” and then accented with brushed aluminum casing.

2. The Aviator

Nothing says “The Aviator” like a sleek brushed aluminum keyboard, complete with a “black felt faceplate, and “jewel” LEDs in blue, red, violet, green, or amber.” Plus, the rivet holes add a nice touch as well.

3. Keyboard Pants

These keyboard pants may look fun to use, but we don’t recommend letting friends or relatives try it out, unless…you don’t mind being invaded of your privacy. It functions via a wireless receiver and can be worn as a regular pair of jeans when not in use.