Shipping containers are great for transporting things, but the latest trend has been converting them into fully livable homes, and even building complexes. Continue reading to see them all, inspired by 1800recycling.

1. Zigloo Domestique (Canada)

The incredible Zigloo Domestique home took Keith Dewey approximately 8-months to complete, using eight 20-foot shipping containers for the frame. It’s located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada.

2. Holyoke Cabin (Minnesota)

From afar, the Holyoke Cabin may look like any other, but step closer, and you’ll see that two shipping containers were used in its construction. The only other supplies used to complete the cabin was birch wood, paint, and glass.

3. Container City (London)

Ok, so the Container City in London is more than just one home, it’s actually a four-story complex that’s composed of 20 shipping containers. Best of all, nearly 80% of the materials used was from recycled sources.

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