Everyone has a bad day or many throughout their careers, and sometimes, the best (not smartest) way to relieve stress is by destroying your computer. Continue reading to see five of the angriest computer users ever.

1. Computer Smash

If you’re computer decides to crash, with no fault of your own, please do not take it upon yourself to smash it. However, this guy just had one too many bad days, or wanted the company to replace his ancient Pentium 1 system.

2. Angry German Kid

Rather than destroy your computer due to games loading slowly, be sure to first consider upgrading its components. This angry German kid decided that Unreal Tournament didn’t let him play quick enough, so there went his entire system.

3. The Power of Sledgehammer

This guy’s place of employment just so happened to have a sledgehammer readily available, which could mean only one thing: using it to destroy your entire cubicle, including the computer.

4. Laptop Meets Wall

Sure, this clip may have originally been recorded in 1999, but the date doesn’t change the fact that this user destroyed his laptop by throwing it against a brick wall. Afterwards, his co-worker thanks him for not aiming at his head by tossing it back over.

5. Quake Destruction

Losing isn’t the end of the world, but it might mean the end of your computer, should you throw a fit like this person. Fortunately, only the keyboard was damaged beyond repair, or so it seems.

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