This followup to our strangest list includes some of the coolest phones that we’ve come across in recent time. Which ones are your favorites?

5. NEC N902iS

What sets the N902iS apart from other camera phones is its integrated search engine feature, users can take pictures and have them automatically uploaded to a Japanese search engine called “Evolution Robotics”, for sharing or later retrieval. This handset includes an external 4.0-megapixel camera, internal 0.3-megapixel camera, 2.5-inch QVGA+ display, and a miniSD card slot. It measures 104 x 51 x 23mm and weighs approx. 114g.

The built-in software is able to extract important “points” of photos and submit them to the search engine.


4. NEC N908

The NEC N908 manages to pack a 1.3-megapixel camera, dual stereo speakers, microSD card slot, touchscreen display, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity into an ultraslim 12.8mm package.

The phone does not have a keypad, instead it has a touch screen for you to do all the input. By removing the keypad, it is able to cut down its size


3. Samsung P900

This handset has a rotating 2.2″ TFT-LCD display, T-DMB support (Terrestrial Digital Media Broadcasting), video streaming/recording capabilities, dual speakers, 128MB memory, MP3 player, and Bluetooth. The P900 measures 94.5 x 47.5 x 26.6 mm and weighs 124g.

2. Vectrotel X8

The Vectrotel X8 keeps your conversations secure by encrypting calls with a “1024-bit Diffie-Hellman shared secret exchange, to generate a secret 128-bit key”. It also sports a 240 x 320 QVGA display, 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.

If you had 1000 computers and each tried 1’000’000’000 keys per second you still would need 1019 years to decrypt the message.


1. Music Porter X

Available in safari green, the Music Porter X utilizes Macromedia Flash for its military-style user interface, complete with knobs, dials, and even a mock-up reel-to-reel screen. It sports a super bright 2.8-inch LCD screen, VGA camera, USB connectivity, and an integrated music player.

Honorable Mention – Dual-Screen Cell Phone

Alloy Total Product Design has unveiled “The Polygon”, a dual-screened cell phone concept. It boasts two displays: a standard high-resolution display for viewing data and a touchscreen for accessing menus, etc.

If you wish to watch television, or browse the net, this is the screen that’ll display all of the video and pictures. The second screen is sensitive to the touch, and is thus a lot more durable. This is the screen used for navigation of the various features and media available on The Polygon


Honorable Mention – Motorola PVOT Phone

Designed for developing nations, the Motorola PVOT concept is a hand crank, rechargeable AA battery-powered phone. You get one minute of use for every 25 cranks. Other features include a 125 x 125 Dot Matrix LCD and an “Eraser Shield” keypad.

“Bridging the digital and wireless communication gap in developing countries” The PVOT is intended as a lower tier phone