Kitoko Paris Apartment

Living in central Paris can be quite pricey to say the least, but this tiny apartment home, measuring 86-square-feet, didn’t skip on the amenities. Designed by Kitoko Studio, this living space was inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, complete with stairs, a closet, bathroom w/shower, and even a small dining table hidden behind floral embossed panels. Continue reading for more cool micro homes.

5. Little House On the Trailer – Olympia, Washington

Dee Williams decided she didn’t need an extravagant home after a trip to Guatemala, and decided to downsize from 1,500 square feet to just 84 square feet. After moving out of her home, she built a small one from scratch, and parked it in her friend’s backyard. It’s officially called “The Little House,” and cost her just $10,000 to build, with very low maintenance. She uses a propane tank for heat and solar panels for electricity.

4. City Life – Manhattan, NYC

Rather than pay upwards of $2600 per month, Felice Cohen pays just over $700 for her 90-square-foot micro studio in Manhattan. She’s a writer / professional organizer, and maximized this tiny space with high, narrow storage units, along with a lofted bed that is just 23-inches down from the ceiling. While the studio has no true kitchen, it does boast a toaster oven and mini fridge. Fortunately, there’s a decent-sized bathroom.

3. Twelve Cubed – Vancouver, BC

James Stuart founded Twelve Cubed, a company that designs and manufactures 10x10x10-foot and 12x12x12-foot homes, when he learned of a homeless woman who died of a fire in her cardboard shelter on the streets of Vancouver. Each of these cube homes have up to 288-square-feet of living space, complete with two levels. There’s a bed, a living area, desk area, kitchen, and bathroom.

2. World’s Thinnest House – Warsaw, Poland

At just 46-square-feet and touted as the “world’s thinnest apartment”, this living space in Warsaw, Poland measures just five feet wide and was designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny. It was sandwiched in an alley between two other buildings, and still manages to pack a miniature fridge, shower that aims almost directly over the toilet, and a kitchen table that has room for two chairs.

1. Extreme Transformer Apartment – Hong Kong

Gary Chang, a very talented architect in Hong Kong, turned a tiny 330-square-foot tenement apartment into a modern transforming living space with 24 different room combinations. Don’t let the small space fool you, this home includes bathrooms, kitchens, jacuzzi tub, standing shower, living rooms, and even a guest bedroom area. This was all made possible with the use of a number of sliding panels which he can move around the space to reveal hidden areas and storage.