Our editors have compiled a list of the top five fan-made CG clips. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list

5. Fan-Made CG Auto Racing Flick

FXNine created this impressive Gran Turismo-style racing flick between a Lamborghini Diablo and Honda/Acura NSX. Watch after the jump. [Source]

4. Wii Commercial: Play B3yond Spoof

Created by Pablo Garcia, this Wii commercial is a spoof of Sony’s Play B3yond advertisements.

3. Fan-Made CGI Spiderman

Tim Golsby-Smith created this impressive CGI Spiderman for his animation project. Hopefully, Spiderman will look this good on the next-gen consoles.

2. “Koopa Force”

Try4ceCubed created this impressive CG “Koopa Force” flick for his Media Arts final project.

The project started 4 years ago when The Mushroom Kingdom opened its fan film section. Eventually, he started learning 3D animation in his junior year, and his advisor strongly encouraged him to make a 3D animation for his final project before graduation. This trailer was made to portray a lot of his ideas

[Source 12]

1. CG Optimus Prime

A threedy forum user has created an incredible animated CGI Optimus Prime. Lets just hope the upcoming Transformers movie will be of this quality.

I have tried to make this robot as I think he would be in the real world. I mean, a true truck. As a true truck he is no clear and his parts as truck are the same that his parts like robot. I like to see it as an old used truck