For those who don’t remember the Candid Camera TV show (1948 – 2004), here are some of the funniest pranks we’ve come across online in recent time. Plus, we have one clip that shows how not to film a candid camera segment. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Screaming Only

When jumping out of a dark corner just won’t do it, there’s always the classic scream. One (or many) negatives, you may get attacked by unsuspecting victims amongst putting yourself in other dangerous situations.

2. I’m Just Driving Officer

You know something is up, when a police officer asks you to move his patrol car due to being stuck in a porta-potty. Fortunately, Just for Laughs was there to capture it all on video.

3. Crash Landing

Even the most courageous of bystanders get stirred up when they spot a crashed UFO in the street, or at least until they realize it’s just a prank to bring out the chicken in them.

4. Milk Please

Just when you thought your coffee fix was taken care of, this rigged machine just comes and sucks it all back up. Sneaking around back to see what went wrong might net the prankster a knuckle sandwich to say the least.

5. Soda Machine Man

Sodas don’t always come cheap, especially at vending machined located inside shopping malls, and so the last thing you’d expect is a hand to come out from the machine to grab you.

Honorable Mention – Candid Camera Fail