Christmas may be a time for giving, but if you’re planning on giving your kids terrible Christmas presents, make sure to have a camera around. These parents did just that and the gifts range from slightly weird to just downright funny. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Black Tube

Though we won’t give away the present, one thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that there wasn’t just one gift given in this clip, but two. Yes, it only gets worse after the first one.

4. Rolls

Everyone needs to bare essentials to live a comfortable yet simple life, and these parents thought so too. However, receiving the bare essentials as a Christmas present is an entirely different story.

3. The Surprise

If you’re hinting at giving your child a 3DS for Christmas and then decide to gift a literal version, be sure to have a video camera handy. One of the children you’re about to see got exactly what he asked for…

2. Warmer

You’re never too old to receive gifts, that is unless…they’re completely useless to you. Surprisingly enough, the younger child in this video actually enjoyed his slightly useless gift.

1. Self

Some kids just think everything is a toy, so they’re grateful for any gift. Despite receiving things that weren’t on their Christmas list, both of these children do not seem disappointed at all, and that’s why they’re number one on our list.