Sometimes, less is more, and that is the case with these geeks who decided to get some of the funniest tattoos ever. If you’re going to get an RSS feed count box tattooed on your neck, at least make the # of readers part editable. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Zune

The Microsoft Zune is a great portable media player, but getting a tattoo of its logo is just plain funny. Strangely enough, the same fan got another of a viral Zune video rabbit. One caveat: if this person decides to shed a few pounds, the tattoos will be unrecognizable blobs, or so we think.


Getting a Windows Blue Screen of Death tattoo is almost as bad as inking the 3 Red Rings of Death on your body. If anybody asks why you got the BSOD, there’s always the “it’s the White Screen of Death as a matter of fact” retort.

3. Head and Body

For non web developers, this geek wanted to clearly define his head and body using HTML tags. Fortunately, he decided to not show his closing body tag, otherwise the image may not have been safe for work.

4. Your Ad Here

Unless this person plans on walking around shirtless 24/7 in heavily trafficked areas, we don’t see a good return on investment for the advertiser. However, throw a few banners onto his head, and you’ve got a walking billboard.

5. Power Up

Flickr user r3v || cls wanted to show appreciation for Apple’s Macintosh computers, so he got a power button symbol tattooed onto the inside of his left forearm. Now if it only worked…