We’ve scoured the internet for these five crazy game-inspired case mods. Did we miss any? If so, please leave us a comment. Which one are your favorites?

5. Half-Life 2 PC

Created in just 14 days, this custom Half-Life 2 PC was masterfully crafted.

From the article: “The custom case we will be using today as our example is my HL2 project which was entered in last year’s “Beat This” case mod contest from CompUSA. Over 1800 entries were fielded from across the nation, and around the world.”


4. UT Mod

The UT Mod takes case modding to a whole new level. Boasting a clear acrylic case, an AMD Xp2400+ overclocked to 2.21-GHz, 1GB of Geil Ultra PC 3200 memory, 80GB hard drive, and a Sapphire X800pro VIVO graphics card.

From the article: “The UTMod started simple enough. I was trying to think of a cool way to make a LAN rig by bending Acrylic. I also wanted to pay homage to one of my all time favorite games”


3. PainMaster 5000

Here’s another crazy Unreal Tournament inspired case. This one resembles the PainMaster 5000 rocket launcher. Technical specs have not been released.

From the article: “I made this case completely from scratch, using wood and PVC. The inspiration came from the Unreal Tournament Rocket Launcher.”


2. Wolfenstein Radio PC

At first glance, we thought this was a prop from an upcoming Wolfenstein movie, but in reality it’s just a masterfully modded PC. Designed to resemble a “Wolfenstein Radiostation”, it features an AMD Athlon 2200+ processor, ASUS VIA KT400 motherboard, ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card, 60GB hard drive, and a DVD R/W drive. It comes complete with a custom paint job, receiver, antenna, gauges/meters, and authentic-looking decals. [Source]

1. Doom 3 Case Mod

Now this definitely looks like something out of a “Doom” movie. Technical specs haven’t been released, but we do know that it’s DangerDen watercooled and features “top of-the-line hardware components”. [Source]