Looking for something geeky that’s actually functional, while doubling as a decoration piece, to spruce up your workspace? Then look no further than these geeky USB drives. Continue reading to see them all — image above via.

1. Canon 5D

Most USB drives actually look like USB drives, this one doesn’t. Introducing the Canon 5D MKII drive, which looks just like the camera it was modeled after. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out $139.99 on eBay to pick one up.

2. 9V Battery Drive

Created by Scott Stead, this geeky 9V battery drive just keeps on going, especially since its innards were gutted and fitted with storage for all your media files.

3. Floppy Drive

No, it’s not a real floppy drive, but rather one that can be used to store things. According to phatcontroller, all you need is: “1) An old floppy disk, 2) An old USB drive, or a new one if you are really stupid, 3) superglue, 4) a knife” to make your own.

4. Ice Cream Bar Drive

Though it may look good enough to eat, we don’t recommend scarfing this Ice Cream Bar drive, unless you like the taste of metal, plastic, and chemicals. Flickr user QIMAOYI didn’t provide additional information on how to purchase this geeky creation, unfortunately.

5. Finger Drive

Sure, you may have seen the Finger Drive — a USB drive integrated into a prosthetic finger — at one time or another, but this list just wouldn’t be complete without it. One caveat: it has only 2GB of storage space, so using it for your Xbox 360 console is out. For more information, click here.