Our editors have compiled a list of five iPod concepts that didn’t quite make the cut. Which ones are your favorites? Continue reading for the list.

iPod DS

The iPod DS features dual touchscreen displays that allow you to “rearrange everything to create your own look and feel.” [Source]

iPod C: Apple Card Media Player

Slim enough to fit in your wallet, the iPod C boasts a transparent display and a brushed metal design.[Source]


If Apple made an iPod watch, this is what it would look like, or so we’d like to think. [Source]


The iPT PDA features a 100GB hard drive, built-in iSight, Wi-Fi, touchscreen display, and a miniSD card slot.[Source]


Portable gaming meets the iPod. The iGamePod brings gaming to the small screen, complete with a widescreen display and directional pad. [Source]