Our editors have compiled a list of the top five LEGO guns for your viewing enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

5. LEGO Wiimote Gun

“Jasowaso” built this custom LEGO gunshell for his Nintendo Wiimote, and it looks cool to say the least.

4. LEGO GumGun

Put simply, this rapid fire rubber band gun is one of the coolest LEGO creations we’ve come across.

This rapid fire LEGO gun looks like lots of fun. This is what you need on your side when the next office battle breaks out.


3. Custom-Built LEGO Machine Gun

File this under: “Cool LEGO Creations” “BillyGlenn” created this nifty LEGO machine gun, which is fully-automatic and shoots 96 bricks per-minute, with a 16-round magazine.

2. Ultimate LEGO Rubberband Gun

So you’ve seen the others, now check out the “ultimate” LEGO rubberband gun. This device shoots an impressive 11-rounds per second .

1. LEGO Flamethrower Gun

LEGO builder Mark Puustinen created this nifty flamethrower that “works by winding a little round knob which pulls the string which pulls the lever which pushes the bottle of butane against a holder with a hole from which butane shoots out from.”

This homemade LEGO flamethrower is completely built with LEGO toy building bricks. Only thing not LEGO is a piece of string and a refill bottle of butane gas which is commonly used in butane lighters and can be bought in almost any supermarket or grocery store