When it comes to producing amazing stop-motion clips, the process can be quite painstaking and most of all, time consuming. Continue reading to see five of the most amazing fan-made, stop-motion clips ever.

1. 8-Bit Trip

8-Bit Trip took “rymdreglage” approximately 1500-hours to complete, which involved moving LEGO bricks around for each and every scene being photographed. Though very tedious to make, the hard work definitely paid off, as you can see above.

2. Deadline

Post-it notes are most certainly not synonymous with animation, or even photography for that matter, but this talented person — featured by Revision 3 — has managed to turn them into an amazing stop-motion clip.

3. Food Fight

Not your average stop-motion animation, Food Fight involves several fast foods battling it out, with many getting destroyed in the process. All the extras — flickering, sound effects, some animations, etc. — were added in Adobe After Effects.

4. Western Spaghetti

While the food portrayed in this stop-motion clip doesn’t look as tasty as example above, it was voted #2 viral video of the year by TIME Magazine. Let’s just say this is one plate of spaghetti you don’t want to eat.

5. 7 x 7 x 7 Cube

For those who’ve ever wondered how someone would put together a 7 x 7 x 7 cube, look no further than this stop-motion assembly video. It took YouTube user “qythium” about 5-weekends to complete.


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