Pranking friends is nothing new, but having someone record it and then posting the clip online takes it to a whole new level. We’ve rounded up five of the most creative pranks played by friends for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Pudding

Ah yes, the classic “look an elephant” prank. For some reason, it just looks that much sweeter and funnier when a father pranks his daughter. However, a flan amateur probably wouldn’t have been able to gulp that thing down in one try.

4. Sofa Bed

This prank worked so flawlessly that we almost think that they staged this. With that said, the sofa bed they used looked quite comfortable when unfolded, but being trapped in its folded confines had to have been extremely uncomfortable.

3. Bottles

Has a friend ever cheated in a game and / or won a bet on unfair terms? Well, here’s one way to get back at them. Simply ask them to play a game that involves hitting each other with empty plastic bottles using only your mouths, and have a third person standing off to the side with one too.

2. Sneezing Guy

What better way to prank your friends and anyone who just so happens to be passing by, than with a sneeze so powerful that it blows your head off. This clever magician, and possibly expert contortionist decided to perform this trick in public.

1. Shampoo

Now this definitely took some great timing, as well as being in the right place and time – pool showers. This person was left furious after failing to rinse the shampoo out from his head, but little did he know, someone was right behind him squeezing an endless stream.

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