So you’ve seen the strangest LEGO creations, now check out the most creative. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

Honorable Mention – Bluetooth LEGO Car

Open Interface has created a nifty LEGO car that is controlled via Bluetooth mouse using their patented “BLUEmagic Host Application Programming Interface”. More information here.

Move the mouse forward and the car moves forward. Move the mouse backward and the car moves backward. Move the mouse left or right and the car turns left or right

5. LEGO Simon Game

Lego builder Philo recreated the classic Simon memory game using Mindstorms RCX programs and parts — featuring a custom built keyboard module, several motors, and a display module. It has four difficulty modes and even keeps track of high scores.

4. LEGO Mindstorms Pong

A LEGO fanatic created this Mindstorms robot capable of playing a Pong-like game. Here’s what its creator had to say:

I have a webcam and it’s controlled through infrared using a laptop computer. There’s no tricks.

3. LEGO Rubik’s Cube Solver

This LEGO Rubik’s Cube Solver looks to use a webcam for tracking movements and sends that data back to a computer. It may not be the quickest Rubik’s Cube solving robot, but it’s still quite interesting none the less.

2. LEGO Mindstorms Emotion Head

For his third year project, a college student “built a robotic face (from Lego mindstorm) capable of expressing emotion, and software that allowed the robot to responded to the tone of the user voice.”

In the future many more devices around the home may have the ability to recognise and respond to emotion


1. Tic-Tac-Toe Playing LEGO Robot

W.O.P.R. (War Operations Planned Response) by Bryan Bonahoom is a nifty LEGO NXT robot that actually plays Tic-Tac-Toe.

The NXT display also enables the inclusion of instructions to the user on resetting the robot. This allowed WOPR to run unattended. The WOPR ran through BrickFest without any physical breakdowns


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