Our editors have compiled a list of five innovative gadget concepts that we hope to see in the near future. Which ones are your favorites? Continue reading for the list.

Honorable Mention: Scroll Pan – The Roll-Up Frying Pan

Designed by Sam Hextall, the Scroll Pan puts a new twist on the traditional frying pan by allowing users to roll-up the utensil when not in use.

And even though the Scroll Pan is clearly just a concept at this time the designer does suggest that products like diphenyl silicone which is plasma treated and teflon coated could be used to make an actual working model


5. Microwave Vase

At first glance, this may look like a normal vase, but in reality it’s a fully-functional microwave.

When the food is finished, the little green leaf on top lights up to let you know that your meal is ready. I like it. My apartment is so tiny that it’s difficult to simultaneously fit three fully grown adults inside it. Now I can save a precious extra six inches of space


4. Mobile Office of the Future

Designed by James Mower, this futuristic mobile office on wheels includes an eco-friendly toilet, electricity, wireless internet, built-in GPS, and glass panels.

The mobile office is designed for businesses that employ a large number of nomadic workers. The temporary workplace can be easily deployed at a position close to their current client base.

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3. Information Rings

Created by Hideaki Matsui, “Information Rings” are basically rings that store “the wearer’s personal information, so when a handshake puts two rings close together they exchange the stored info, making small talk and introductions unnecessary.”

All you need to do is shake hands, then you can study up on your new “friend” later at your convenience. To be fair, I’m being overly dramatic and this could be a cool way to replace business cards


2. Computer Table Lamp

Prisma has created a table lamp that doubles as a portable computer. From the images, it looks to feature a top-loading disc drive, touchscreen display, and well integrated ports.

“DVD, photos, music, internet, TV, computer: Media Centers are fueling the migration of PCs in our living room. This created a design to rethink the design boundaries of these objects.”


1. E-Rope Modular Power Strip

Designed by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim, the “E-Rope Modular Power Strip” is a 2006 Idea Award winning concept. Here’s how it works:

Its blue lights glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current, saving you from that power-sucking standby mode that’s so prevalent in many of today’s electronic devices. Plus, its modular design lets you add just the right number of outlets needed