We have seen the future, and it’s high-tech MP3 players. Here are five concepts that we hope will go into production…some day.

Tripod MP3 Player/OLED Display

Not only is this device a functional MP3 player, but an OLED display as well — for enjoying all your favorite movies on the go.

To transform, turn your MP3 player upside down and pull the two halves apart while holding the release button. As the OLED screen uncoils, a hinge will unfold and lock, stabilizing the unit. Remove the MP3 control and it becomes the remote movie player remote. Speakers round the top triangle corner for optium sound projection


REGEN – The Yo-Yo MP3 Player

Yes, the REGEN is a batteryless MP3 player that’s powered by the action of Yo-yoing. It can store up to 200 songs on its built-in hard drive. A touch screen LCD display allows you to control the player and view time/song information.

Start Yo-yoing around 10 -12 tosses and you are good to go. Dont worry about the headphones while you yo-yo as Bluetooth wireless headphones are included for your hearing pleasure

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allTunes – The MP3 Knob-View Player

How about a no-frills MP3 player that easily attaches to your bag or monitor via a velcro strap/magnet? The allTunes is simple yet functional, featuring only play/pause, repeat/shuffle, and volume buttons. Lets just hope it has more than 256MB of memory.

“The screen has been removed due to its uselessness. The feature of the player to pronounce the current songs and albums while song listing substitutes for the absent screen.”


Winamp MP3 Player

A designer modeled this MP3 player concept after Winamp’s software interface.

Some of you wee whippersnappers may not remember Winamp, but yes, this was our first MP3 player, pre-iTunes, even before portable players came on the scene


PLEIO MP3 Player

Here’s a first: an MP3 player that displays its album art like a CD cover. The PLEIO is a digital audio player concept that sports 128MB of memory and an ultracompact design.

In Korea, you can purchase virtual albums with the music and art on board. This way, you’re fooling yourself into thinking you’re viewing the front of the CD as it’s spinning away in your player

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Honorable Mention – MP3 Wristband

This nifty MP3 wristband boasts an OLED display, jog wheel navigation, and Bluetooth w/A2DP.

The only thing the artist left out is GPS capability, a highly desirable feature for runners and walkers. Adding navigation, distance traveled and thermometer functionality on board would be all that’s necessary to turn this into a complete design

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