Our editors have scoured the net for the top five MS Paint masterpieces. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

5. Bender

Created by “squattail”, this masterpice features a wide variety of images, including “Bender” from Futurama. Full image. [Source]

4. Bugatti Veyron

The ultimate MS Paint(er) is back at it again. This time “V” draws up a Bugatti Veyron using just a normal mouse, MS Paint, and lots of skill.

The first sketch I did with a pencil and the rest you can see in the video…using a mouse and a regular PC too (no Tablet), its easy once you put your heart in it. It doesn’t take long either. This one took me about 5 hours

3. “Ultimate MS Paint”

“Forthewin” spent countless hours creating this MS Paint masterpiece using just a Logitech laser mouse. Full image. More information.

This drawing was done entirely in MS Paint with a Logitech laser mouse. I did not use the copy and paste tool, or the text tool. There was no color sampling or pasting from other images, but I did view some seperate images as reference, as do most artists


2. Supercar

“V” shows us what you can really do in MS Paint with a Wacom tablet and lots of skill. If you have any creations worth showing off, please leave us a comment.

Anyone who has ever opened up MS Paint knows, creating something worthy is near impossible, but not for this guy — MS Paint is merely a playground

1. Venice

Diamonster (from deviantART) proves that MS Paint is more than just a lame excuse for a photo editing program, by creating this masterpiece using only an image as guidance. Full image.

Diamonster, the artist, spent more then 500 hours. He states that he used no template, only an image of the Grand Canal found on a calendar


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