Whether it be the parked fighter jet in Paris or Arizona’s Oprah Winfrey maze, Google Earth lets users go just about anywhere on this planet. During your virtual sightseeing tours, you might spot a few strange anomalies like those and more. We have hand-selected five of the strangest for you after the break. For new readers, be sure to check out our first and second Google Street View features.

1. Giant Pink Bunny

It’s not everyday that you see a pink bunny, unless it’s the Energizer Bunny, so spotting one on Google Earth is definitely strange to say the least. Maybe it does just need a battery to get going and out of that awkward position…


2. Parked Fighter Jet

Everybody needs to eat, even fighter jet pilots. However, making a pit stop in the middle of a shopping center — located in Paris — isn’t the best or safest of ideas. One thing is for sure, that’s one heck of a skilled pilot.


3. Oprah Winfrey Maze

Oprah Winfrey is already larger than life in the media world. This massive field maze in Arizona was created to let fans pick her brain, literally. Unfortunately, participants won’t walk away with any prizes other than the satisfaction of completing the challenge.


4. Parking is On the Wall

This car is among the first to take advantage of this establishment’s wall parking spaces. It requires the driver to coat their wheels in super glue and then have a crane slowly lift it into place. Now backing out of the spot is another story.


5. Dragon Head

Sure, dragons are what makes fairy tales, but this image shows that it’s also found a home on earth. Thankfully, it’s just the head and not the fire-breathing kind either. Who knows? There could be a real dragon lurking underground somewhere.



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