Our editors have a compiled a list of five strange “Zune” commercials we’ve come across. Don’t agree with our list? Leave us a comment with your picks.

Honorable Mention – Cookie

Microsoft has just released a new “Zune” commercial titled: “Cookie”. What are your thoughts? Here’s what Brian Lam of Gizmodo has to say:

People have been claiming the Zune is not selling well, while others are impressed with its quick , solid launch. Some says it sucks, some say it’s great. Let me remind you of the truth: The Zune is here for the long haul. It’s a contender. It’s worth considering. For some, now. For most, later in a future version

[via Gizmodo]

7. Moth

Yes, another strangeZune advertisement. This time, Microsoft went the artsy route with its “Moth” commercial. Product page.

6. Monster

Microsoft has released yet another strange Zune advertisement titled “Monster”. Product page.

5. Pixel Dancers

Microsoft has released a strange yet creative “Pixel Dancers” advertisement promoting its Zune player.

4. Mood Bot

Microsoft’s “Mood Bot” wants to turn you into a pimp, complete with bling.

3. Bunny

So you’ve seen Microsoft’s Pixel Dancers and Monster ads, now check out “Bunny”, a hand-drawn Zune advertisement that could be the strangest we’ve ever come across.

2. Birds

Microsoft releases yet another strange “Zune” advertisement, titled “Birds”. It’s quite disturbing to say the least.

1. Eyes

Ok, we’ve seen strange “Zune” ads before — Monster and Pixel Dancers — but definitely nothing like this one, titled “Eyes”.