Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson pits the FN2 Civic Type R against its predecessor, the EP3. The latest model is “powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.0 litre DOHC i-VTEC engine with similar output, but reworked for greater refinement and responsiveness thanks to a new balancer shaft and a drive-by-wire throttle.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The 201 PS maximum power output is now reached at 8,000 rpm (previously 200 PS at 7,400 rpm). Slightly lower gearing compensates for a small increase in kerb weight. Its exhilarating, high revving nature is retained, but the switch to high lift, long duration valve timing now takes place at a lower 5,200 rpm, and continues all the way to the 8,000 rpm red line.

[via Seriouswheels]