Toyota recently selected TechEBlog to participate in their “100 Cars for Good” program, which salutes do-gooders by giving 100 vehicles to organizations in need of one. Continue reading for our full overview and a video.



The “100 Cars for Good Program” began on May 9th and runs through August 16th — official Facebook page here. As many of you already know, a car is crucial for many non-profit organizations, as it can be used to deliver supplies, transport people, and most importantly, a means to get where they need to go. Simply put, all voters have to do is log-in to their Facebook profile, use the “100 Cars for Good” app, and choose one of five non-profits organizations selected for that day.

This means that you, the readers, get to decide which vehicle — includes the Toyota Prius, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota Sienna, or Toyota Sienna Mobility — Toyota spends its philanthropic funds on. In an official statement, a Toyota representative states that the company “support programs focused on environment, education and safety initiatives that help strengthen diverse communities across the U.S. – for today and for the future.”

Each day, the most recent winner will be announced and a fresh batch of five non-profits will be revealed for voting. For those interested, make sure you vote once per day because it could mean the difference between whether or not your favorite organization wins a car. Official Facebook page here.

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