Toyota AE86 Hydrogen H2 Electric BEV Concept Tokyo Auto Salon
The Toyota AE86 H2 (hydrogen engine) Concept and AE86 BEV (battery-electric vehicle) Concept was revealed at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon today, making them perfect candidates for an Initial D live-action movie reboot. Two Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks were sourced for the H2 Concept and mounted in the rear. Other modifications include new fuel injectors, fuel pipes, and spark plugs.

2023 Toyota GR Supra GT4 EVO
The Nissan Z is fast, but for a track-ready race car, you’ll want to get the 2023 Toyota GR Supra GT4 EVO. Racing teams are now able to order this vehicle and an upgrade kit will also be made available to existing GR Supra GT4 customers, complete with an improved brake system design, new ABS settings, latest KW damper technology as well as an updated anti-roll bar specification.

Toyota Mega Cruiser for Sale
There’s the massive Hummer H1 X3, and then this rare 1996 Toyota Mega Cruiser that sold for $310,000 USD on Cars & Bids. One similarity the two vehicles have is that they are both designed for military use, with the Toyota Mega Cruiser serving as a transport vehicle in the Japan Self Defense Forces. This 1996 model year example is left-hand-drive, titled in Colorado, that was originally imported from Kazakhstan with around 56,500-miles on the odometer.