Always wanted a nice, transparent sphere that lets you people watch comfortably while also protecting from the elements? Then look no further than Cocoon 1, which “measures just under six feet across and comes with three basic models – one that has a 360 foundation to support it resting on the ground and two “pillow 90″ modules that can be used for sleeping and storage.” Continue reading for more pictures and additional information.

Aside from being clear, the other interesting thing about the Cocoon 1 concept is they come with brightly colored modular furniture that can support anything from sleep to powering Wi-Fi devices, and intriguingly even cooking meals. The Cocoon 1 can handle up to 440 pounds if suspended via a net and 551 pounds on the ground. Switzerland’s Micasa Labs will release the Cocoon 1 for purchase in Fall of 2013 for $2990.