AMD Athlon X4 860K Black Edition

AMD’s Athlon X4 860K Black Edition CPU lets you turbocharge your gaming PC without breaking the bank, as you can pick one up for $59 shipped, today only, originally priced at $161.18. When combined with superior AMD Radeon discrete graphics card, systems based on the AMD Athlon processor deliver a vivid visual experience, superior multi-tasking, and exceptional digital media performance with next-generation energy efficiency. Product page. Continue reading for a video demonstration of the CPU running Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on Ultimate settings.

“Praise be to the gods of computing! A true value exists in the CPU market. No nonsense, no frills, no gimmicks… This describes the Athlon X4 860K. Greatest above all about the Athlon-Kaveri series is that it is so small. These will fit into ITX form factor motherboards and cases, meaning they have potential to be in very small yet powerful builds that won’t break the bank. Forget the hype of the so called APU’s and pick this bargain up instead. For maximum console-killing results, choose the Athlon X4 860K,” said one reviewer. More information.

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