Polaris RZR XP

Photo credit: Jalopnik

The amazing XP1K3 video takes place in an post apocalyptic industrial wasteland and features the 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo, which features a tuned engine bored up to 1132ccs by Redline Racing and K&T Performance to produce 200-horsepower. The talented driver is none other than RJ Anderson, one of the best SxS racers on the planet. Everything was shot in Youngstown, Ohio to get the “post apocalyptic dystopian decay of abandoned steel mills, old factories, and train yards as the backdrop to showcase RJ Anderson’s skillful car control and death defying stunts.” Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

The RZR XP Turbo features the most advanced and precisely tuned suspension to take on the harshest terrain. The RZR XP Turbo EPS features larger remote shock reservoirs with 24 position clickers and complemented with bigger coil-over springs. The progressive rate upper spring is a lighter-weight spring that absorbs small impacts while the stiffer main spring maintains ground clearance and absorbs bigger impacts in rough terrain. The race-inspired 3-link trailing arm rear suspension serves up an incredible 18-inches of rear wheel travel. Matched to an astounding 16-inches of front suspension travel, the king of the RZR family conquers the worst terrain Mother Nature has to offer. The precisely tuned suspension can be adjusted to any riding condition and ensures the RZR XP Turbo EPS can tackle the toughest terrain while keeping the ride plush and enjoyable.

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