Yes, it’s a real home theater that was custom built underground (basement). It comes complete with concession stand, marquee, and box office. Equipment includes three DVD players, a JVC QX-1 projector, and 25hz woofer drivers in Dunlavy SC-IVs. This may be an oldie but it’s definitely worth taking another look at. Lots of pics after the jump. [AVSForumShoutIt]

“The theater is 16′ tall at the front (slab to concrete ceiling), and 11 1/2′ tall at the back. About 21′ wide and 29′ long. This was an addition to the house – we basically dug this huge hole in our front lawn and partially into the driveway, while also gutting a study on the main floor. From the main floor, you have steps down to the basement where you see a sitting area where the marquee is and thenonto a concession area and theater. So the superstructure of the theater is a 12″ to 18″ complete concrete shell.”