Ultra Luxury Yacht

Even the most luxurious yachts don’t normally come equipped with indoor pools, aquariums, and speedboat parking, but this one is the exception. CRN’s, a brand of the Ferretti Group, “j’ade” is basically a 60m vessel that was designed to feel at one with the sea, boasting special full height windows that provide exceptionally wide panoramic view. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Super Luxury Yacht

“This feeling is even more evident because of the innovative flooded garage that enables the owner to store and easily access the 8 meter riva iseo speedboat without the use for a tender lift. While swimming pools and helipads are commonplace on many a mega yacht, J’ade features the world�s first floating garage. J’ade features a hydraulic-operated hatch which can store an eight-metre speedboat without the use of a tender lift to hoist it out of the water. A mixture of marble, wood, metals and leather materials are used. The internal basin floods and empties 18,000 liters of water in just three minutes, allowing the boat to enter the yacht without the use of a crane,” says AnD.