Red Flashlight Torch

UltraFire’s 7W 300LM CREE LED Flashlight Torch is perfect for emergencies, complete with 3 adjustable modes, and you can pick one up for $3.35 shipped, today only, originally priced at $19.99. It has a maximum brightness output of 300-Lumens, while focus can be adjusted simply by stretching the head portion, complete with adjustable focus, as well as support zooming in and zooming out. Product page. Continue reading for another video review and more information.

“As a Fire Department Safety Officer, I have spent years looking for the “perfect flashlight.” I finally found it. These units are small enough to be kept handy at all times and tough enough to bare up to the roughest treatment. They are operated easily with a gloved hand, work for many hours off of one simple AA battery and provide a clean, white, extremely bright light. They are equal or better than many similar lights costing many, many times more. I highly recommend them,” said one reviewer. More information.