Dashboard camera footage surfaced of a tragic plane crash at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan on Monday. According to a press release from National Air Cargo, the plane’s carrier, the Boeing 747 was transporting several vehicles to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Continue reading for the video (not for faint-hearted) and more information.

Here’s what one pilot has to say about the crash: “This was a heavy cargo plane taking off. What I believe happened is upon the steep climb out, the load within the fuselage shifted rearward which would throw the center of gravity out of limit to the rear of the aircraft. The pilot in this scenario, would be unable to use the elevator to the extent necessary pitch the nose of the plane down in order to keep the wings from stalling. The stall is exactly what happened. Usually when a plane is not in coordinated flight, one wing will stall first…which was the right wing in this case. When the nose dropped the pilot corrected enough for it not to roll over and go into a spin. But but the altitude was so shallow, it was impossible for a recovery. They were doomed when the load shifted to the rear of the plane. Nothing the pilot(s) could do to prevent this crash. The Loadmaster was to blame…in my humble opinion.”

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