Ever wonder how an intelligent robot would react if it saw its own reflection for the very first time in a mirror? If so, this video might be quite a surprise. According to its creator: “We used the ‘Object Recognition’ mode and the Face Recognition’ mode. Qbo, using its stereoscopic vision, selects his image in the mirror and, with the help of one of the engineers, learns how to recognize himself.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Here’s what its creators said about this experiment: “In the video, Qbo transits to the ‘Object Recognition’ state from its internal state machine, to learn to recognize its mirror image, as if it were a regular object. Technically, how does Qbo do it? The ‘Object Recognition’ state is implemented to execute simultaneously different ROS nodes: one responsible for the head and base movement; another to select an object from the image using the stereoscopic vision; another to recognize objects or learn new ones. The object recognition algorithm uses ‘SURF’ descriptors and the ‘Bags of Words’ approach, and stores images in Qbo’s internal storage system.