Volkswagen BUDD-e Microbus

We have seen the future of electric minibuses, and it’s the Volkswagen BUDD-e. This futuristic, all-electric vehicle boasts a modular architecture that features a 101 kWh battery hidden within the floor, an electric motor up front, and another in the rear. A quick-charge system enables the battery to be charged to 80% capacity in a mere 15-minutes. You can also use its electric drive system to power other items, such as controlling a smart home, or even running an interactive smart office setup. Continue reading for two more videos and information. Click here for more images of the BUDD-e.

“All of the vehicle’s systems are operated intuitively by gesture control, touchscreen (displays and touch slider) or voice control. The driver can choose between various intuitive control modes (multi-modal interaction). For example, a simple ‘Hello BUDD-e’ activates the vehicle’s voice control. The system also offers completely natural speech interaction. For example, if the driver asks ‘turn the heat up a bit, please,’ the car will respond immediately and appropriately,” reports Diseno-Art.