Voyager 1 has reached the edge of interstellar space, 11-billion miles away from Earth. It was launched in 1977 and has been traveling at a rate of 10km per second for the past 35-years. Continue reading to see a video Voyager 1 shot of Jupiter using its blue filter, more pictures, and additional information.


It is detecting more energetic particles around it, implying it it at the very edge of the heliosheath, which is like a bubble around the solar system, protecting us from the cosmic winds of deep space. The Voyager entered the heliosphere in 2004. According to The Atlantic, certain cosmic rays have a hard time entering the heliosphere, but as of last month, the sum of these slower particles increased by about 10 per cent.


What will the Voyager find out there? Probably close to an absolute vacuum, save for a few long-range comets which still orbit the sun. Scientists expect to see several telltale signs when Voyager 1 finally crosses the boundary including a change in the magnetic field direction and the type of wind.