Before throwing out that old NES controller or SNES cartridge, make sure you take a look at these creative projects, which turn those two seemingly useless items, into functional wallets. Continue reading to see more.

SNES Cartridge

If you’ve got a broken SNES game laying around, why not turn the cartridge into a wallet, complete with LEDs and ID holder? Look no further than this nifty project. Inside, you’ll find a nifty credit card holder — money clip on the back. The LEDs just aren’t for looks, as they can be programmed to synchronize with game music. Use these instruction to build your own.

NES Controller

You won’t have to bust out the sewing machine to transform any old NES controller into a functional wallet. Simply pry the casing open with a small phillips screwdriver, remove the internals, glue zippers on, and you’re set. This would be best used to store currency and/or credit cards — coins might cause too much of a racket. Instruction page.