Water-Gen Thin Air

Water-Gen has created machines that draw moisture directly from the air to produce clean drinking water, and some of these devices can yield up to 825-gallons of water per day. Available in three models, they all utilize an array of plastic ‘leaves’ that collect warm humid, with the smallest consumer-sized device capable of producing 4-gallons each day. All you need is a connection to an energy source, costing just 10-cents in energy usage per gallon. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Places that do not have drinking water in pipes are usually hot and humid. Water from air is for places that you don’t have any water to filter. We think it’s possible to bring drinking water to all countries. Humidifiers, army solutions, etcetera are a secondary issues. What’s important for us is to bring water to the people. This is a basic human right,” CEO and founder Arye Kohavi told Business Insider.