According to astronomers, “mankind will make contact with intelligent alien life within two decades.” Thanks to NASA’s Kepler satellite, SETI is capable of honing “in on where the odds of life are possibly greatest.” Continue reading for a video on alien life and more information.

“Everything has caused us to become more optimistic,” said American astrophysicist Dr Frank Drake in a recent BBC documentary. “We really believe that in the next 20 years or so, we are going to learn a great deal more about life beyond Earth and very likely we will have detected that life and perhaps even intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.”

However, some astrophysicists have warned that we humans may be blinded by our familiarity with carbon and Earthlike conditions. In other words, what we’re looking for may not even lie in our version of a ‘sweet spot’. After all, even here on Earth, one species ‘sweet spot’ is another’s species worst nightmare. In any case, it is not beyond the realm of feasibility that our first encounter with extraterrestrial life will not be a solely carbon-based occasion.


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