Bremach T-Rex Double Cab

Take the agility of an ATV and combine it with the size of a full-sized truck, and you get Bremach’s T-Rex Double Cab. Measuring in at 43 feet of modular steel construction, this 4×4 all-terrain vehicle can be configured with either a gas, diesel, natural gas, hybrid, or even electric power trains. Need to transport something? This monster can haul up to 7,300-pounds while crawling a 45° slope with ease or powering through 3-feet of water. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“The T-Rex is the first industrial vehicle which comes with an external skeleton (which is basically a roll cage). The panels do not have any structural function, but only esthetic ones. When designing the T-Rex, the company engineers used the same principle that can be found at the fighting jets and developed a true cockpit with the dashboard made of steel. One of the main concerns of the company was the truck’s solidity. As a result the T-Rex is among the most resistant vehicles in its class thanks to the use of an unusual tubular structure. Thanks to this tubular configuration the vehicle’s structure can withstand to more than 5G making it the most resistant vehicle in the class,” reports Top Speed.

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