Schiller X1 Water Bicycle

Unlike other bicycles, the human-powered Schiller X1 water bicycle sports a hard anodized, powder-coated aluminum frame, a proprietary multi-speed, pure rotary drive train with Gates Carbon Drive Belts for maximum speed, handlebars with integrated steering, and twin oscillating propellers. Other features include: LED lighting and the ability to fit on most bike racks or in most trucks. It can be disassembled in under 10 minutes, and even has a watertight storage compartment. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“We’re aiming to make nothing but the best water bike ever invented, and that means refining things until they’re perfect,” says Schiller, a former advertising executive and avid cyclist who felt that his ilk needed access to the two-thirds of the planet that is covered by water. I felt that if you could make a water bicycle that was technologically advanced as well as easy to use and store, I might have something,” says inventor Judah Schiller.

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