Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector

It’s as large as a standard-sized tank, but the The Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC) can do so much more. Boasting a top speed of 25mph and capable of scaling sea walls up to 10-feet high, this amphibious vehicle has two tracks, composed of dozens of air-filled foam blocks, that give it the propulsion needed for land and sea travel. In water, the tracks act as paddles, but on land they are similar to a tank, letting it traverse across difficult terrain. Continue reading for two more videos and more information.

“The full-scale Uhac will be able to carry the equivalent of three M1A1 tanks, or cargo weighing up to 200 tons, at speeds of 25 miles (40 kilometres) per hour. [The tracks] barely leave an impression on the ground as they flatten out on impact with a hard surface; in a demonstration the huge vehicle moved over a tar road without leaving a mark. In a test Uhac drove to the USS Rushmore, picked up an assault vehicle and took it back to shore,” said Mail Online.

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