Shotglass Shooting Glasses

Similar to Google Glass, TrackingPoint’s Shotglass Shooting Glasses sports an integrated high-definition camera that works in conjunction with a wide-screen WQVGA display, but that’s where the similarities end. Powered by the Android operating system for one-touch video recording, when paired with the company’s XS1 or XS2 Precision-Guided Firearm systems, they can provide you with two unique fields of view on every shot, and even the ability to shoot around corners by utilizing the digital optics mounted on the gun. Continue reading for two more videos of the smart rifles.

TrackingPoint’s XS2 Smart Rifle is a precision guided firearm designed to enable anyone to hit moving targets at extended ranges, thanks to a laser-guided range finder, thermometer, tracking engine and even built-in WiFi to share and stream what you’re seeing to the internet as well as mobile devices.

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