Propane Rifle

“TheBackyardScientist” on YouTube has built a rifle unlike any that you’ve seen before. The Propane Rifle was created by connecting a self-igniting propane torch to a tube that, in turn, has a regular plastic bottle attached to the other end. When someone fires it the torch sends propane and air through the tube, causing a build-up of propane inside the bottle that results in a small explosion happens when the flame reaches this part of the DIY rifle. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Even better, TheBackyardScientist shows us what happens when all sorts of extra chemical compounds are sprinkled inside the plastic bottle and allowed to ignite. Long story short, it looks like propane rifles can be made to fire greenish flames and even cough out quite intimidating explosions. Check out the video to see for yourselves and get ready to have your mind blown. Figuratively speaking, of course,” reports Softpedia.

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