Sea-Doo 150 Speedster

When speedboat meets a jetski, you get the Sea-Doo 150 Speedster. This four-person watercraft is powered by a Rotax supercharged engine that produces 255-horsepower, which can cruise to 30mph in just 5.6-seconds, topping out at 58.3 MPH. It has plenty of room to store wakeboards, tools, first-aid kits, and anything else you may need. That’s not all, its back hatch opens up to reveal a massive storage compartment for your safety equipment and vests. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

A closed-loop cooling system improves durability and keeps the engine and its coolant at the ideal operating temperature for maximum performance, while a ladder-equipped swim platform makes re-boarding the craft in deep water a breeze. The Direct Drive Propulsion System gives you peace of mind, maneuverability, and less draft.