Zero FX Motorcycle

When stealth fighter and electric motorcycle are combined into an off-road package, you get the 280-pound Zero FX Stealthfighter. Thanks to its electric drive train, the throttle delivers a near instantaneous 44-horsepower and 70 lb-ft of torque. The bike is ready for any type of terrain, and best of all, the belt drive as well as the fully modular power pack system are almost maintenance-free, ensuring you’ll have extra money to pimp it out. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“But the real treat came when I switched bikes and climbed aboard Zero’s $11,990 FX model (seen above), a nasty little armaggedon-ready steed with aggro bodywork and a claimed combined range of only 43 miles. Why the modest mileage? The FX is the black sheep of the Zero lineup, packing a 70 ft-lb, 44 hp wallop in a package that weighs a feathery 275 pounds. Though my test ride was brief, it was far from forgettable: thanks to its rip-snorting power-to-weight ratio, the FX spent most of its time on one wheel, lunging ahead with the eager thrust of a short-geared flat track racer. Put simply, the FX is everything you’d never expect from an EV– and for that reason alone, I’m relieved such a frivolous, genre busting bike exists,” reports Popular Mechanics.